What can it be used for ?

Whether it's for your mind, body and spirit...

As active forms of healing, i.e. they work on the illness / injury directly and accelerate the repair process, they can be used to treat the physical body, i.e. bones, ligaments, tissues, organs, illnesses and diseases etc , the mind (e.g. stress, tension, depression, anxiety, addictions, bereavement etc) and the spirit.

Reiki and Quantum Touch can help greatly with Migraines, cancers, side effects of chemotherapy, stress and insomnia, addictions, childhood anxieties, skin conditions, post surgery, joint/muscle pains, sports injuries and back pain, Fibromyalgia, exhaustion, grief and anxiety issues and many others.

How long will a healing last?

The first healing appointment lasts just over an hour, with follow on appointments between 45 and 60 minutes.

What does it involve?

Through a combination of hands on light touch or working just above the head and body, the patient remains fully clothed throughout the healing. Depending on the patient, one or a more techniques can be used to bring about the best possible healing and outcome for the patient.

What can I expect after the healing?

Each person experiences Reiki differently depending on their individual needs at the time. Clients may or may not feel sensations during a treatment; either way is absolutely normal. Benefits include deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well being on all levels, some people feel sensations of heat, tingling, or experience seeing colours. Quite often energy healing can cause an emotional response, indicating that shifts are taking place, allowing harmony to be restored. During the healing, please do feel free to communicate any sensations or feelings as and when they arise, as it is important that you are comfortable at all times, and your practitioner is aware of how your body responding.

Our body is truly the most underrated form of intelligence, and when the right energetic conditions are created the body can return to balance on all levels.

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