I love musing and pondering the deeper questions of life. I am an insatiable learner, and always on the look-out for new knowledge and understanding, so we can harness greater peace and create harmony in our lives. Ultimately, I truly believe that the path to our own happiness comes from walking the path to know the self; we all have answers and gifts waiting to be unlocked and shared and I find that writing helps me to tap into that wisdom.

Those who know me well know that I am super passionate about deepening my connection with my true self and joining up some of the dots to this multi faceted thing called 'life'. I don't pretend to have the answers to this gigantic question but I do enjoy expressing my thoughts and sharing my own personal experiences with you.

Since I was a child I've always loved writing, but like many of us will be familiar with, adulthood, life and work meant that hobbies for pure joy had taken a back seat. My musings come from that deeper wiser part of me and my very human self - ideas and thoughts that merge where pen meets paper (or fingertips to keyboard these days). I find myself drawn to articulate the different ways we can look at the world and our experience, so that we can heal ourselves and be well from moment to moment.

Each piece is inspired from a place of curiosity and revelation, always bringing me joy, clarity and healing on some level. I have created my blog to share my humble musings with you in the hope that they bring something great to you too.

I believe we all have one thing in common – the desire to be happy, healthy and loved! Most of us are looking in every direction outwards for guidance and the ever elusive foolproof path to get there quickly and painlessly. I have come to appreciate that it is indeed our own life and all the personal pain and struggles that we experience, which gives us an opportunity – a calling, to rediscover our true nature and find our way back to joy.

Explore my blog, enjoy, question everything and go within, that is where the Truth lies.

With love
Serap Enver

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