Some of our Testimonials

I wanted to share my experience of hypnosis and how it helped me stop smoking.

I had been trying to stop for as long as I can remember. Every day I had the hump because I was still smoking and I'd promised myself the night before I was going to quit in the morning and never did.

I'd always thought about hypnosis but I guess I just wasn't sure about it and I had made excuses that it would take a course of sessions which I wouldn't be able to fit in to my busy work schedule and talked myself out of it. Then the opportunity came up to have a session with Serap at Innate Healing.

The session lasted just under 2hrs and I only needed one session. I thought it would take a course to stop me smoking as I had been trying to stop for so long.

To my surprise, after one session and after removing all the paraphernalia from my van I did not take another puff of a cigarette and four months on I am a non smoker and loving it. It was still challenging at times for the 1st couple of weeks but I had been programmed to become a non smoker and that's exactly what happened!

It's definitely turned my life around and I can't imagine ever smoking again.

I never thought a 2hr session would work after all the failed attempts I had in the past. I am now a happy non smoker.
I was sceptical upon arriving for my Quantum Touch healing session. However, after the treatment any doubts I had before had disappeared. My mind and body were left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and at peace. Thank you so much Serap.

Alistair Noble

I attended a Reiki level I & II weekend course led by Serap and had a brilliant time. Serap is a great teacher and listener. She has a lot of experience and delivers her skills and knowledge with warmth, patience and humour. I am excited to delve into the world of Reiki and grateful for Serap's guidance and wisdom.

Bansree McCallin

I did Reiki level 1-2 with Serap Enver and really enjoyed it over the weekend. Highly recommend her. I travelled all the way from SE London, she was most accommodating and caring and made the whole experience worthwhile for me. The group was small and intimate. I am really grateful for meeting new like minded people full of wisdom with open hearts. A truly great experience...

Tanaz Assefi

I had a pleasure to attend a Mindfullness Workshop in Oct-17. It was an empowering experience and a very calming, insightful six -hours for me. Learnt a few useful techniques to keep perspective on everyday chaos and hurry- that are just our perception. La vie est belle. Thank you Serap for the inspiration.

Aga Shoshi

So today I attended my first Mindfulness session with Serap Enver. It's quite difficult to describe the experience but I will try my best: Wow, brilliant and amazing! What an experience! Thank you Serap.

Ayse Adil

I have completed Reiki I, II and III with Serap. She has such a calming presence and is a brilliant teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning and couldn't recommend her more. Thank you Serap.

Kerry Beach

Serap put me at my ease immediately with her soft and grounded presence, kind words and soothing voice. During the treatments I felt safe and held, as if in a healing bubble. My whole body relaxed and softened. Each session was enormously comforting and real emotional healing occurred as well as some easing of physical aches and pains. It is my opinion that Serap is a powerful Reilly healer and comes with my highest regard and recommendation.

Terry Breeze

McTimoney Chiropractor

I am so grateful for having come across Quantum Touch and Serap who together have alleviated so much suffering from my life. Serap is a grounded, warm, straightforward healer who you know will do the very best for you that she possibly can. It is this approach together with her clearly proficient healing skills which my mother warmed to when I took her to Serap for healings too which greatly helped her over a difficult period she was experiencing with her health. We have both worked with Serap in person and across distance and have found her distance healings to be as effective at providing relief as healing with her in person. She has been a blessing to both of our lives.

Monireh Jassat

I cannot praise Serap highly enough. Pacing, delivery, passion for Reiki and healing and level of her knowledge are excellent. She has extensive knowledge on possible healing techniques that could be applied. It was great learning from Serap this weekend. I felt well looked after. She has lovely caring energy. The Manual she created for the course is brilliant . It is easy to use and very well structured. I am very happy I was guided to get my Reiki Master / Teacher Attunement from her.

Eva Fejer

Reiki Master Student

I immediately realised that Serap is a very special person: warm, kind, patient and most of all she exudes amazing positive energy ! I was recently really privileged to be shown the benefits of Reiki and trained by Serap. Not only did I come away from that brilliant weekend feeling wonderful, a long-term back problem seems to be resolved !

Serap has taught me to 'trust the process ...' and I would certainly recommend you do the same.

Serap is a truly wonderful healer and Teacher.

Linda Griffiths

I highly recommend Serap Enver, as she has really helped me both emotionally & physically, with her distant energy healing.

I was suffering depression & sadness after several bereavements in my family. During our sessions over Skype, I could feel the warmth and tingling of her healing energy in my heart. Subsequently, I have felt so much better - thank you Serap.

She also worked on my ears, which a few years ago had become rather sensitive to certain high frequency sounds. After a few QT/Reiki sessions with Serap, my ears are now able to cope much better with these kinds of difficult noises.

Do contact her and try some distant healing sessions - she's a lovely, gentle & very caring person, as well as a really excellent & gifted healer.

Ollie Muncaster

Director & Film Maker.

Profound and immediate improvements...

Profound and immediate improvements in my physical and mental well being following major hip replacement surgery... an altogether wonderful and uplifting experience each time...

Andrew Irving

Private Client