Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

There are so many reasons to stop smoking: HEALTH, MONEY AND WELL BEING at the top of the list.

Why Hypnotherapy?

We all know people that have just gone cold turkey and stopped smoking and willpower and commitment are two really big things that determine how successful we are at stopping smoking and pretty much achieving anything in life. What we don’t always recognise is that sometimes we are stuck in unconscious habitual ways of behaving and living and this is where Hypnosis helps. Hypnosis helps us get to the core of the programming and make long lasting effective changes there and for stopping smoking it has been highly effective and successful..

There has never been a better time than NOW to Stop Smoking.

I wanted to share my experience of hypnosis and how it helped me stop smoking.

I had been trying to stop for as long as I can remember. Every day I had the hump because I was still smoking and I'd promised myself the night before I was going to quit in the morning and never did.

I'd always thought about hypnosis but I guess I just wasn't sure about it and I had made excuses that it would take a course of sessions which I wouldn't be able to fit in to my busy work schedule and talked myself out of it. Then the opportunity came up to have a session with Serap at Innate Healing.

The session lasted just under 2hrs and I only needed one session. I thought it would take a course to stop me smoking as I had been trying to stop for so long.

To my surprise, after one session and after removing all the paraphernalia from my van I did not take another puff of a cigarette and four months on I am a non smoker and loving it. It was still challenging at times for the 1st couple of weeks but I had been programmed to become a non smoker and that's exactly what happened!

It's definitely turned my life around and I can't imagine ever smoking again.

I never thought a 2hr session would work after all the failed attempts I had in the past. I am now a happy non smoker.

The average 20-a-day Marlboro light smoker spends around £300 a month on cigarettes - that’s a phenomenal £3600 you save every year as a non smoker! And what about the extra days, months and years you get to spend with your family and friends now that your body is free of the awful habit!

The improvements to your health are vast and life changing and within just 20 minutes your body starts the clean up process!

  • Within 20 minutes your blood pressure and heart rate returns to normal.
  • Within 24 hours Carbon Monoxide is eliminated from the body and Oxygen levels return to normal.
  • Stopping smoking can re-wire your brain and help break the cycle of addiction.
  • Nicotine receptors in your brain return to normal levels after 4 weeks.
  • Clean Mouth - after a few days without cigarettes, your smile will be brighter.
  • Stopping smoking is better than anti-aging lotion!
  • Decreased Heart Risks - Smoking is the leading cause of heart attacks and heart disease. Stopping smoking lowers your blood pressure and heart rate almost immediately.
  • Your risk of a heart attack declines within 24 hours.
  • Your blood will become thinner and less likely to form dangerous blood clots making it easier for your heart to move blood around your body.
  • Lower Cholesterol and fats circulating around your body
  • Smelling better is just one benefit of quitting.
  • Stop Lung Damage - scarring of the lungs is not reversible. That is why it is important to stop smoking before you do permanent damage to your lungs.
  • Prevent Emphysema
  • Cilia start to regrow and regain normal function very quickly after you stop smoking. They are one of the first things in your body to heal.
  • Stopping smoking is the best way to lower your risk of getting cancer.
  • Stopping smoking will reduce your belly fat and lower your risk of diabetes.
  • If you’re a woman, your estrogen levels will return to normal after you stop smoking.
  • Your white blood cell counts will gradually return to normal - no longer on the defensive.
  • Stopping smoking means improved blood flow to wounds, allowing important nutrients, minerals and oxygen to reach the wound and help it heal properly.
  • A Stronger Immune System so less likely to get sick.
  • Stopping smoking will help increase the availability of oxygen in your blood, and your muscles will become stronger and healthier.
  • Stronger Bones – stopping smoking can reduce your risk of fractures, both now and later in life. Keep your bones strong and healthy by stopping now. 

Financial Rewards

  • After 4 weeks you have saved £300.00
  • After just 4 months you have saved £1200.00
  • After 1 year you have saved £3600!!
  • After 10 years you have saved a whopping £30k!!!
Hypnosis Mythbusting

Stop Smoking Session

A stop smoking session is 2 to 2.5 hours and the cost is £220.00.

Your level of commitment and motivation is a key driver in the success of this session – as with anything in life, Motivation is what drives success so please ask yourself if you REALLY want to stop and WHY.

You will be given a recording of the session as well as an additional stop smoking recording for support.

Please note all suggestions of health benefits from stopping smoking are suggestions only and are not guarantees

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