Talk and Heal

Alchemy of Mind, Body and Spirit

This is where the practical meets the sacred. In these sessions, my intention is to create a safe, comfortable and grounded space for you to explore and meet yourself exactly where you are. In my experience, I have found that quite often breakthrough or powerful realisations can occur when we simply speak our truth. Our language and the words we speak can guide us to some of our core wounds, beliefs, patterns or help us connect with stuck emotions/energy within our bodies. Our voice is a powerful tool for healing, and the simple act of talking, sharing and exploring what is present in your life, connecting with your body and your precious heart, can lead you on a beautiful journey to healing and transformation. Honouring what calls for our attention has the power to guide us into deeper awareness, connection, wholeness, love, acceptance and healing.

'Talk and Heal' Sessions are 75 minutes long and each session is unique, organic and free-flowing, shaped by your needs in the moment, whether that be to receive hands on healing, meditation, inner child work or just a safe container to speak and be held with tenderness and compassion.

This is not spiritual counselling, although aspects of spirituality and spiritual practices will be explored, but more of an embodied psychospiritual healing approach, an alchemy of the modalities I have trained in and personally use daily for well being. These include emotional/somatic work, inner child exploration, shadow work, mindfulness, breathwork, hands on healing, guided visualisation, hypnosis, other spiritual practices, shamanic healing and reiki.

Through this gentle but deep process of honouring and uncovering, we will slowly and safely go where we need to go, trusting the innate wisdom of your body and soul to lead the way back to harmony, healing and love.


£90 per single session or £320 for a block of 4.

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