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Connecting with Spirit - Accessing Shamanic States of Consciousness

Learn how to be your own counsellor, forge a solid connection with your allies and teachers in the spirit world, receive healing, guidance, direct information and deepen your spiritual connection with this powerful tool. Everyone has the capacity to enter shamanic states of consciousness through a process commonly referred to as journeying. This programme is made up of three 1.5 hour face to face sessions, ideally spread over three weeks.

Once learnt, it is a practice you will never stop using! It truly is life enriching in ways only those who experience it can appreciate. A powerful and beautiful gift for anyone wishing to expand their connection and deepen their spiritual path; once you know how to connect to the spirit world in this magical way, you will never look outside yourself again for healing or wisdom.

Shamanic States of Consciousness 3 x 1.5hrs one to one - £300

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