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Goddess Rising and the creations you will find here, have been dreamed and created by me Serap Enver, an ever-curious student of life, waking dreamer and of course, just like you, Goddess in training!

In truth, my soul led me down this wild creative path . . . most of my work is about learning to listen more attentively and tune in to my deeper callings and follow them with faith. Through my healing practice, I was already immersed in all things consciousness, magical and healing, exploring how this mystery of life works, uncovering the shadows and layers that keep me asleep, so that I may more consciously dream the waking dream.

Woman Warrior Goddess - Innate Healing

The more I surrender to learning and speaking the language of my soul, the more exciting it becomes.

My creations are all inspired by a deeper calling and intuition than just my creative mind.

They are all transformational tools, vibrational healing and alchemy for our bodies, mind and spirit.