Reiki Course Programme

Serap Enver
Usui Reiki Master Teacher

I am an approved and Registered Teacher of the Reiki Guild, (the Reiki Guild is the governing body in the UK for Reiki Practitioners and Teachers) and I follow a strict code of ethics and continued professional development.

I run a series of programmes throughout the year for both health professionals and anyone interested in learning Reiki for self-healing or who would like to become practitioners themselves. There are many types of Reiki and I teach the Original and powerful Japanese Usui Reiki, from Beginner to Master Teacher Level.

Usui Reiki is not only a powerful and complete form of light touch healing, but truly it is a lifelong journey and a path to greater awareness and enlightenment. The Usui method of healing teaches us how to heal the mind, body and spirit creating harmony and balance. We can use this system of healing on ourselves and others, and by unifying the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies we can achieve higher states of consciousness and learn to reconnect with our souls true path.

‘Do not allow yourselves to put limits on the Reiki energy, for it is as limitless and infinite as the Universe’
Usui Mikao (The Founder of Original Usui Reiki)

For those who have had no experience of Reiki, it truly is a powerful and wonderful system of healing. Either received during a treatment or learned on one of my courses, it is a powerful catalyst for us to see beyond the illusions of the physical world and begin our healing journey from the inside.

Course Information

All courses are comprehensive, informative, fun, and run in small groups; a wonderful environment for personal growth and development. I only teach 4-6 per course, so please book in advance as places are very limited.

Foundation Level I

This is the first and basic level used primarily for self healing and spiritual development. This level does not teach the use of Reiki symbols but provides you with a solid foundation in the practice of Reiki.

Practitioner Level II

The Practitioner level: allows you to practice Reiki professionally, and teaches the use of Reiki symbols for active healing on a physical and emotional level.

Master Practitioner Level III

The Healing Mastership level provides you with new skills and techniques to treat specific conditions of the mental, physical and spiritual bodies, through a combination of both traditional Usui / Hayashi and western techniques. There is no attunement with this level.

Master Teacher IV

The Master Teacher Level with the final attunement, allows you to teach Reiki to others. It significantly elevates your awareness, and helps you to follow your path to spiritual realisation.


2020 Course dates and times

Courses can be taken individually or together as they run consecutively on a weekend.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Reiki I - 22nd - 4th 16th 27th 11th 29th - 10th 28th -
Reiki II - 23rd - 5th 17th 28th 12th 30th - 11th 29th -
Reiki III 2020 dates to be advised shortly
Reiki Master Teacher IV 2020 dates to be advised shortly

If you would like to be notified of upcoming course dates please contact me.
  • Reiki I – Feb 22nd and Reiki II – Feb 23rd enquire
  • Reiki I – April 4th and Reiki II – April 5th enquire
  • Reiki I – May 16th and Reiki II – May 17th enquire
  • Reiki I – June 27th and Reiki II – June 28th enquire
  • Reiki I – July 11th and Reiki II – July 12th enquire
  • Reiki I – August 29th and Reiki II – August 30th enquire
  • Reiki I – October 10th and Reiki II – October 11th enquire
  • Reiki I – November 28th and Reiki II – November 29th enquire

As courses are run in very small groups, please book in advance.

Course Fees

  • Reiki I £140.00
  • Reiki II £170.00

Book both levels together and save £60.00, total course fee is £250.00

  • Reiki III £160.00
  • Reiki Master Teacher Level IV £420.00

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