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Mindfulness is the capacity to bring our awareness back to the present moment by focusing on the breath, the body or an object. It can also be called presence or awareness.

Most of us live up in our heads, disconnected from our bodies, living in the past or the future. From the moment we wake until the second our head hits the pillow, we find ourselves carried away by a noisy mind journey which keeps us totally in our heads and without realising that this is causing havoc with our emotional and physical well-being. Without mindful awareness our 'monkey mind' works on 'auto pilot' and we have no real control over the thoughts we have, the type of stories we tell ourselves and the experience we create because of it.

Mindfulness is the practice of slowing things down, becoming aware of what’s going on in any given moment, turning off the auto pilot and learning how to reconnect with the present moment. When we do this we begin to see that there is the persistent chatter in our minds and also a silent witness observing this story. As we practice more, we start to understand how our own mind operates, what messages our body is giving us, and how our current story affects and shapes our very reality and our biology.

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It is a scientific fact that our thoughts directly shape our physical experience - a stressful thought creates a stress response in the body and an imagined or perceived stress is no different to a real one, the brain knows no different! So it’s no surprise why so many of us are experiencing chronic health problems, anxiety and discomfort - our thoughts are literally making us unwell flooding our body with fight or flight signals and chemicals much of the time.

Our thoughts arise from our deep held beliefs and perceptions, most of which are hidden in the subconscious realms of the mind – but we can learn to access them through mindfulness techniques and hypnosis too.

It's also a practice we take with us everywhere, not just something we do at one point in the day with special candles and nice smelling incense! Slowly and patiently with practice and intention we can regain control of our mental and physical health.

I reached out to Serap in March 2020 when a medical condition and the broader pandemic were causing me severe stress and anxiety. Immediately she took time to understand the specific problems and the underlying issues that were the root cause.

With this knowledge we then worked on key mindfulness practices – starting on the basics and building the disciplines that helped my mental well being. Serap was very structured and made sure I got into the habit of practicing these disciplines between sessions.

She was also great in asking about the issues that had arisen before we met every week.

This allowed her to be fully prepared and for us to focus quickly on the mindfulness exercises that would best help.

I would whole heartedly recommend Serap both for her insight and knowledge in the area of mindfulness, plus her passion and advocacy for the importance of mental health and self care in whatever you are currently facing.



In our one to one sessions, we work over the four weeks on introducing and familiarising you with the basic tools for mindfulness, through breath work and guided visualisation.  The aim is to give you a solid foundation in the basic practices and tools so you can begin to understand what mindfulness really means to you, what works for you and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.

The four week intensive will give you all the tools you need to bring more awareness into your daily life, your work and relationships.  A regular mindfulness practice will help you to cultivate more inner peace, emotional resilience, cope with challenges and stress more easily, and a deeper sense of clarity and calm.  We are better equipped to cope with the ups and downs and our thoughts no longer control us.


Whilst we begin with the foundations of mindfulness and basic practices that can be used to cultivate awareness, one to one sessions are tailored each week to look at your specific goals and what has come up during your practices as begin to deepen your experience.  As a ‘by product’ of learning how to be present, we will inevitably begin to notice aspects of our self we perhaps hadn’t paid much attention to before, perhaps emotions or patterns of mind chatter that we can delve more deeply into.  Learning how to be with the full spectrum of our experience, whether we class that as positive or negative is part of the mindfulness journey.  Whilst working within a ‘mindfulness framework’, one to one sessions take on more of a fluid process and the tools we use in the sessions will reflect what you bring to the table each week to work with and how best these can serve you.    

Mindfulness is like alchemy for the mind, body and soul and as Carl Jung said “When we use the mind in its conscious and creative capacity that’s when the magic really happens. . . Until the unconscious becomes conscious it will continue to direct our lives and we will call it fate”.

So if you want to really open the portal to your greatest version of you, let’s get conscious, let’s regain control of our monkey minds.  Interrupt the auto pilot, strengthen your emotional resilience, discover inner peace, clarity and healing – these are just a few of the gifts accessible through presence.


As a certified youths well being and resilience coach, mindfulness practices are wonderfully accessible to both children and adults through a range of tools, creative visualisation and relaxation techniques.  Practicing mindfulness improves our relationship with ourselves and to each other:- this can be particularly beneficial in family dynamics and help adults and children to express themselves in healthier ways, reframe their experiences and become more resilient and able to recognise and cope with difficult emotions and situations.  Ultimately mindfulness supports a healthier happier lifestyle for everyone and for some, as a family this can be a chance to spend quality time and learn more about each other.

Mindfulness family sessions are ideal for anyone over the age of 7.


Throughout the year I also run one day workshops focusing on Mindfulness and Healing, as well as adults evening classes in person and on zoom. 

If you would like to know what group classes or workshops are running, please contact me to enquire.

For dates, family sessions or any other enquiries please contact .

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Mindfulness will change your life in ways you can’t imagine - physical, emotional and mental well being is just the beginning. Take the first step in reclaiming your power over your reality and change the way you live.


4 week intensive

4 x 45 mins


Single Sessions

45 mins


Family Sessions

60 mins

(max 4)

All programmes are personalised and tailored to work specifically towards the outcomes and goals you have, whether that is stress relief, relaxation, work/relationships, spiritual development.

I recognise and understand that mindfulness or any other practice of self exploration can potentially be a trigger and cause potentially overwhelming responses or even be re-traumatising for individuals if not handled sensitively and appropriately. I adopt a trauma informed and trauma sensitive approach in my practice, working with the guidelines and modifications outlined in the four R's to ensure the emotional safety and mental well being of my clients.

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