Sound Healing

Sound healing is the practice of using sound instruments and tools and/or the voice over or around the body and within the auric field to bring about healing. Sound is a very powerful conduit of healing frequencies and has been found in many ancient cultures from the Aboriginal Digeridoo, the Shamans Drum and Rattle, to the sound baths of the Egyptians.

If we remember that everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency, as at its true source ALL IS ENERGY, then it makes perfect sense that vibrational tools, i.e. Sound, would interact with every cell in the body. The vibrations made by instruments or vocals interact with your body to create specific results and to encourage healing, restore harmony, and of course create a sense of deep relaxation.

There are more and more studies being carried out to document the amazing power of sound as a healing tool, but the best way is really to experience it yourself.

As always, I work in deep partnership with Spirit and work intuitively based on what you need at the time of the session. I use a range of sound tools which may include the Shamanic drum, Rattles, Crystal bowl, Tibetan bowls, Koshi bells, possibly even some humming or singing.

A sound healing session is 30-45 minutes and is £45.

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