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“The wound is the place light enters you” . . . Rumi

Serap Enver

I have always felt a deep calling to the healing arts.  Motivated and inspired by my own personal experience of dis-ease, I ‘accidentally’ but serendipitously embarked on the mission of all missions!  A wild and magical healing journey, that continues to evolve, every moment of each day presenting me with opportunities to access deeper states of healing, or more accurately un-learn the limiting ways of the smaller self, and then to put them into practice so I can live in conscious connection with my true nature.  The capacity to heal and live the life of our greatest dreams, is a natural ability.  In fact it’s really the stuff of what we are made of, not what we do! 

The more I surrender to the process of life (and all its challenges), being the optimum fertile ground for us to access our deepest healing and magic, the more I can open my heart and mind beyond the limitations of my human self, and this is where all the treasure is.  For me, healing is about learning to navigate our own treasure map of life and to embrace all aspects of ourselves (dark and light).  I have come to realise that the path is one of wholeness and integration, remembering our divinity within our humanity and remembering we are everything. 

I do not call myself a lightworker . . . (a phrase I am sure many of you will be familiar with in the spiritual community), and if any one ‘label’ was to get close to defining this work, ‘shadow worker’ would be more accurate.  My experience has led me to see that my greatest power and healing (and I believe this is the same for all of us) is harnessed when we discover and face our shadows and meet and befriend the lost parts of our fractured fragmented selves.  This commitment to ourselves asks us to find the courage to open our hearts to our deepest pain and simultaneously the treasure troves of compassion, resilience, emotional release, new beginnings, harmony, personal power.  I see healing as the discovering and meeting of these layers, bringing them one by one into conscious awareness and expression, so that we may remember and embody our wholeness and our divinity, that which has always been there. 

I spent the first 15 years of my working career mainly in ‘business’ of some sort or another, fast paced and challenging I soon found myself living in a whirlwind of chaos and having created some serious health problems.  I eventually found myself (like many people) searching for better answers and solutions, exploring what we would describe as ‘less conventional’ approaches but now I see as the most natural and fundamental way to restore wellness. A chance referral to a Shamanic Healer who would help me with a herniated disc was my eureka moment!  After my session and feeling the powerful energy shaking through my body as it came up against blockages and old trauma, I would never see illness the same way again and so would begin what seemed like endless deaths and rebirths, the healing journey of a life time and for a life time (or many)!   

Beginning to understand how my emotions and our unconscious and unintegrated habits and beliefs directly affect the physical body, mind and spirit, I was finally able to claim back responsibility for my health and happiness.  I began to see that it was all interwoven and that I was creating this constantly changing and evolving tapestry of spirits expression through me.

I left my ‘normal’ job and began my training in traditional energy healing methods like Quantum Touch and Japanese Reiki.  Next came a Mindfulness teacher training programme, another phenomenal life changing experience and a foundation I truly believe is a absolutely fundamental for everyone to be able to navigate this world and find their route back to health, emotional resilience, purpose and connection.

Since then, it has become my natural way of life to go deeper and deeper into this work, to continue to explore, learn and share the different ways we can heal and empower ourselves. After completing a Shadow Work Diploma and qualifying as a Certified Hypnotherapist, I finally found my true home in Shamanic Healing practices, (funnily enough where I had started out in the first place) and dived into a Shamanic practitioner training and initiation.  I can only describe those 5 years as potentially the hardest and most challenging of my life, but I learnt (amongst many other magical things) that our ability to meet and be comfortable with the darkness is matched equally by our capacity to experience, express and embody our light.  I am all too familiar with the ‘dark night of the soul’ and we are currently experiencing this process on a collective scale, as well as individually.  More and more we are being called to return home, to the Truth of who we are and what we are capable of!    

Every single one of us has the potential to experience better health, emotional stability, resilience, peace and connection.  Miracles and Magic are your birthright for we are made of those qualities.

The aim of our healing sessions is to find and utilise the tools that will enable you to discover your own healing power, and innate potential to thrive and love.

Serap is a Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Touch Energy Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner.  She also uses inner child and parts therapy, and shadow work within her practice. Sessions are tailored to each individual clients needs at the time and often more than one modality is used to treat a condition or dis-ease. 

As an approved registered Teacher of the Reiki Guild UK and an Associate member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, Serap follows a strict code of ethical conduct and continued personal development.

“I practice what I teach, share and promote – self-development and inner healing is a lifelong vocation and the only limits to our wellness and wholeness are those that we set ourselves” 

I am not the healer – you are.   I just remind you of what you already know and possess within.

An experienced, warm and caring practitioner Serap runs her practice in Chalfont St Peter and also online classes and sessions via zoom.


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