About Me and Innate Healing

“The wound is the place light enters you” . . . Rumi

Serap Enver

I have always felt a deep calling to the healing arts. Driven and inspired by my own personal experience of dis-ease and trauma, I accidentally stumbled upon the way back to my true self and my innate potential to heal, self-regulate and overcome physical and emotional dis-ease.

Having worked many years in the clothing manufacturing industry with the usual responsibilities of 9-5 corporate life, amidst a whirlwind of chaos and health problems, I found myself (like many people) searching for answers and exploring ‘less conventional’ approaches. A recommendation for a Shamanic Healer to help with a herniated disc was the wake-up call I needed and after my session I would never see illness the same way again.

Beginning to understand how emotions, spiritual disharmony and our unconscious and unintegrated habits and beliefs directly affect the physical body, mind and spirit, I was finally able to claim back responsibility for my health and happiness.

I left behind corporate life and began my training in traditional energy healing methods like Quantum Touch and Japanese Reiki and as a practitioner and teacher I continue to be awed at the power of these modalities. Next was a Mindfulness teacher training programme, another phenomenal life changing experience and a foundation I truly believe is a fundamental to facilitate the journey back to better health, emotional resilience, purpose and connection.

Since then it has become my natural way of life to go deeper and deeper into this work, to continue to learn and share the many different ways we can heal and empower ourselves. After completing a Shadow Work Diploma and qualifying as a Certified Hypnotherapist, I finally found my true home in Shamanic Healing practices, where I had started out in the first place. I am currently continuing my training as a Shamanic practitioner and incorporate this into my work where I can and where relevant.

Every one of us has the potential to move closer to good health, emotional stability and resilience, spiritual truth, peace and connection. The tools I work with enable you to discover your deepest most powerful potential to thrive and love.

Serap is a Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Touch Energy Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. She also uses Shamanic healing techniques and shadow work within her practice. Sessions are tailored to each individual clients needs at the time and often more than one modality is used to treat a condition or dis-ease.

As an approved registered Teacher of the Reiki Guild UK and an Associate member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, Serap follows a strict code of ethical conduct and continued personal development.

“I practice what I teach, share and promote – self development and inner healing is a life long vocation and the only limits to our wellness and wholeness are those that we set ourselves”

An experienced, warm and caring practitioner Serap runs her practice in Chalfont St Peter and also online classes and sessions via zoom. Sessions are tailored to meet each individuals needs and single or multiple therapies can be used together to achieve the desired outcome and maximum benefit.


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