About Me and Innate Healing

I have a deep passion for natural healing and an insatiable quest for personal and spiritual development. Through my healing practice, workshops and courses, my passion is to share my experience, knowledge and tools so we may all experience great health and harmony in our everyday lives. By knowing and working on ourselves from the inside out, we completely change our experience of the world and therefore we change the world we live in.

Serap Enver : Innate Healing : Natural healing, personal and spiritual development

I am a trained Reiki Master Teacher, a Quantum Touch Practitioner and a Spiritual Healer. I use a combination of these techniques to bring about profound change and healing to a range of conditions depending on your needs. I am currently immersed in a comprehensive three year Shamanic Practitioner Training which is helping me to foster a deeper connection to myself, to spirit, nature and the healing path. As a student in training, I am currently working with clients on a case study / no fee basis using traditional shamanic healing practices.

As a trained Mindfulness Relaxation and Meditation Teacher, I also incorporate relaxation techniques that enhance your session and help you to go deeper into your true self. Having also qualified as a Youths Resilience and Well-Being Coach, I am really passionate about sharing mindfulness with kids, helping them to understand the mind body connection and ways to understand and cope with their emotions, their every day school and family life. As a certified Hypnotherapist, I use hypnosis to positively change and heal those parts of our unconscious self that might be holding us back. I use one or a combination of these techniques in my sessions (when appropriate) as this can improve the effectiveness of the session and deepen the work. As an approved Registered Teacher with the Reiki Guild, (the governing body for Reiki in the UK), and an associate member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, I follow a strict code of ethical conduct and continued personal development. It is really important to me that you receive the absolute best possible therapy and the latest knowledge from the fields of healing and mind body spirit connection. I practice what I teach; self development and healing is a way of life for me, not just a hobby or a job description.

Having worked many years in the clothing manufacturing industry with the usual responsibilities of 9-5 corporate life, amidst a whirlwind of chaos, health problems and big changes in my own life, I found myself looking for the answers through less conventional approaches. Learning how emotions, spiritual dis-harmony and life experiences directly affect the body, mind and spirit, I found the real beginning to taking control of my health and what it really means to make the journey back to wholeness. It has become a natural way of life to learn new disciplines and practical ways to harness the phenomenal innate healing capacity we all have. By embracing a holistic way of living and working to create a balance and synergy between our emotional / physical and spiritual bodies, we find ourselves back on the path to great health, inner peace and living life with purpose. This is my hope for all those I meet and I truly believe it is achievable.

I am a warm, caring and understanding practitioner, and I love meeting new clients and embracing the teachings they also bring to me. I run my practice from a calm and tranquil space in Chalfont St Peter, where you will feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. When we work together it is my desire and intention to help you awaken your own innate healing potential, so you leave not only with a temporary sense of peace and well being but you are empowered to change your life from the inside out and live this every day...


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